Juan is a public service interpreter in Spanish working mostly in the criminal justice sector. After completing his postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford he followed an academic career before turning to interpreting as his main professional activity. He is an NRPSI registrant and member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Juan recognises the prominent role that APCI plays within the public service interpreting scene, and is interested in supporting, expanding and promoting its activities and its presence. He is particularly keen to contribute to the strengthening of ties and communication with stakeholders to further enhance the standing of the Association. He considers that the CPD events and other forms of engagement with APCI members and outside parties have been very successful and beneficial for everyone and would like to be more involved with them. Parallel to these activities, he is interested in encouraging a more active participation of the membership both within the Association and externally, by promoting less formal channels of interaction which take advantage of the remote possibilities that have been developing recently.