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Interpreter-mediated questioning of minors: challenges for stakeholders and ‘participation’ of minors

28 June 2021, 17:00

Online event

The questioning of a person requires a proper investigation by the police, even more so if the interviewee speaks a foreign language and is a minor. What are the challenges during an interpreter-mediated interview of a minor in a legal setting? How do legal professionals know what they can expect from the interpreter? Who is responsible for the (legal) language use and the linguistic level of the child? Do legal professionals know the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and are they aware of positioning? Is the legal interpreter aware of questioning techniques during the interview of the minor? How do minors experience this whole possibly threatening event? How do minors perceive interpreters?

In our presentation, we try to answer all these questions. We will give a brief overview of three projects that have been carried out by our research group Interpreting Studies, at the Faculty of Arts of KU Leuven, Antwerp Campus: Cooperation in Interpreter-Mediated Questioning of Minors (Co-Minor-In/Quest  I & II, 2012-2018) and Children in Legal Language Settings (ChiLLS, 2018-2020).

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