Albina Homer is a Russian interpreter and translator. Albina was born into the family of an Army Officer in the former Democratic Republic of Germany. She spent her early childhood in Georgia and Armenia. After settling in Russia, she completed her education in teaching and modern languages and graduated with a BA Honours degree from the State University for Humanities and Technology in Orekhovo-Zujevo in 1991.

1991 marked the beginning of her interpreting and translating career. Until 1996 when she moved to England she worked as an in-house translator for a State Research and Development facility (patent translations), as liaison interpreter for a Siberian plant and an in-house interpreter for a European project.

After settling in England she continued her interpreting work in a freelance capacity. In 2011 she joined the public interpreting fraternity having successfully passed the DPSI Law exam in 2010. Apart from utilising her language skills Albina shares her knowledge and expertise in public service interpreting through DPSIonline course where she is one of the language tutors.

The advent of Government outsourcing reduced Albina’s work in the public sector however she saw it as an opportunity to develop her language skills further. She successfully completed a remote course in translation with the Moris Torez University in Moscow. In 2017 she embarked upon an MA in Translation at the London Metropolitan University and gained a pass with distinction.

Presently Albina continues to work as interpreter for private companies and individuals and fulfils requests outside the Framework Agreement in the public sector. Albina is a NRPSI registrant and an affiliate member of ITI.